What is a secret menu and how to have one for a successful restaurant? | BTRESTRO

What is a secret menu and how to have one for a successful restaurant? | BTRESTRO

“Change is certain, but growth is voluntary,” said John Maxwell. Though it was a general statement, it remains true for restaurants. If the changing customer taste, with changing times, and advancing markets have worn out the restaurant industry, the pandemic and lockdowns have boiled it inside a pressure cooker. Internationally, restaurant owners have faced a sudden loss in nearly 100% of their business during the pandemic.

The pandemic has bought about so many changes in the hospitality industry that triggered the evolution of exciting features in restaurant POS systems. They are just like, “Are you ready to upgrade to the new contactless dine-in this pandemic?”. My eager nature kept after me to learn more about the changes. Let me tell you what I have collected and learned. Take contactless orders using telephonic orders from your repeating customers.

In this pandemic, restaurants require a great power to make special days even more special. Usually, customers order food, and drinks, ahead of time for any special event. With this new release, if a customer calls and places orders, restaurants can add such orders under advanced order. After collecting the order details, they route the orders to the nearest branch available to provide fast delivery.

Give a soul to your recipe using Kitchen remarks by both customers and chefs

Customers’ preferences for customization have taken a big leap in latest years. BTRESTRO has made this new release which assists customers. If a customer wants to order his/her favourite toppings on their pizza, it will add it to the notes section available on the sales screen and send the KOT to the kitchen. Will customers love your restaurant if the food tastes and chefs keep changing every time they order? Here, Kitchen remarks can do you a favour. Even if chefs keep changing, they can refer to the remarks entered by the previous chef, which contain the ingredients, and rhythmic measurements required to prepare a certain dish.

Add extra charges for manufacturing and minus your loss

Planning before any process is a good professional practice, right? This helps you plan and track all your expenditures accordingly. By using this recent release, you can add the additional charges for delivery, time, gas, dishwashing, and packing materials to the kit production cost. The other benefits of this release can be, that users can know the cost precisely, and by fixing the price accordingly so that a better margin can be acquired.

 Add Delivery Charges for distant orders and enhance your delivery

Delivering food has been compulsory for restaurants in pandemic times. If delivery charges are not calculated and attached properly, it may lead to a serious loss for your business. Using this delivery detail release, the delivery charges are charged based on location and bill value. Each location will be at a specific distance and based on the distance the amount also will be assigned. As for bill amount, if the bill amount is ₹400, then 10% will be added to a delivery charge. The delivery charge helps the restaurants cover up their costs in delivery and can afford to have shippers based on locations. With this also, you can save more and expand your market broadly with trust and bring a huge change in your business!

I hope you got an idea, of how you can make your restaurant successful.