Restaurant Inventory Management- BTRESTRO

Restaurant Inventory Management- BTRESTRO

The restaurant owner needs proper inventory management to ensure smooth and cost-effective marketing.

Managing restaurant inventory in the spreadsheet is time-consuming and challenging. So, we have come up with automated inventory management in BTRESTRO. It tracks the ingredients coming into your restaurant kitchen.

BTRESTRO automatically tracks the stock usage by matching:

  • Orders entered in the POS
  • Recipes entered in the software

Benefits of Restaurant Inventory Management-

  • Preventing food waste- It maintains the food profit margins. It manages stock and gives an overview of food wasted. It has various columns like the waste items, reasons for the waste items, and the amount wasted.
  • Track and approve inventory requests- It gives a view of restaurant inventory consumption reports. When staff needs to consume the stock, and it can be approved accordingly by the owner.
  • Organize food storage- It is easy to organize product storage, especially for diverse food and beverage. It groups items by food category and also labels them.
  • Track sales- It can track sold food, and which items are running low. If some food items are not in use, this software can set limits on the order.

BTRESTRO easily tracks the inventory and provides restaurant operation insights. It saves food costs.

Join BTRESTRO now, and save food costs.

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