New ways of taking orders at restaurant

New ways of taking orders at restaurant

Remember those days when we have to stand in a long queue for giving the orders. And this sucks when we were at the edge of hunger. How bad that was when you are hungry and have to wait in a queue to give your or when you getting late and you have to wait in a queue to pay. These days are gone now as restaurants have adopted new ways of taking orders.

 Restaurants are now getting smart and engaging new methods of getting the work easy and trying to satisfy the customers fully. Today restaurant businesses are at the top as people nowadays love to eat outside sitting and relaxing in a beautiful place, clicking good pictures with the loved ones and spending time with them. Everyone wants some peace in their lives. Right? Then why let your customers wait in long queues for ordering and payments. Also in COVID times standing in long queues for longer time in between number of people can be dangerous. Don’t you think? Online payments have taken a place in that time over cash payments which is also a good way of saving time.   

Good restaurants take care of their customers in every way. That’s why they are climbing the ways of success rapidly.

Some new and modern which restaurants nowadays are adopting are:

  • Have you heard this term, Digital Menus ? If not then let me tell you what it is. Digital menus are the menus which are organized digitally and thus is very helpful in today’s world. It includes content like Recommended/specials for today, Top rated dishes, Food specifications, quantity/ portion size, price of the dish, and type that is vegetarian or non- vegetarian. Registering on Swiggy and Zomato also needs a digital menu. Also you can share you digital menus to customers on Whatsapp and other social media platforms, Also it will tell your customers about the updates in the menu and offers you provide.
  • Now comes QR code scanner. Every table in your restaurant should contain scanners to order and pay. Scan and order is the new way to order your favorite dish faster sitting on your tables. From this you don’t have to stand and wait with people to order. And why to waste time in ordering in the long queues when you have come to enjoy with your loved ones. We BTRESTRO provides restaurants the scanners for making their ordering work easy. Join us to experience the top management services.
  • Now there is Voice ordering kiosks. This is a new method of ordering your food at the restaurants. It is basically a device which is of human size that is in built with your restaurants menu, Prices of the dishes and all the available combo offers. You can enter the restaurant name from which you want to order and start ordering directly. From this you can view the entire menu, You just have to enter your order and pay.

Investing in a good restaurant management system is really important in this time. Join BTRESTRO to experience the best restaurant management services.