How to improve the fine dining experience for restaurants? | BTRESTRO

How to improve the fine dining experience for restaurants? | BTRESTRO

Fine dining restaurants are completely different from your casual restaurant next door. People walk into these luxurious fine dining restaurants with great expectations to be delighted by the fancy ambience, exquisite cuisines, and an unmatchable level of service, which justifies their premium charges. Given the huge expectations, a dull service neglecting the detail results in dissatisfied customers and loss of profit for the restaurant.

Solutions for Improving Service at a Fine Dining Restaurant,

Given customers' expectations, it's crucial for servers to always be at their A-game. we will discuss a few tips on improving the dining experience at your restaurant and how technology can assist servers through each step of service at a fine dining restaurant.

1. Taking Reservations

Using advanced reservation systems, like BTRESTRO can help simplify the advanced reservation process for both the customers and the restaurant staff members. They allow customers to book a table at the restaurant through different digital platforms like restaurant websites, social media platforms etc, without having to call them up. The systems also collect all the online reservations, and inhouse, under one system, making it swift for restaurant staff to keep track and not overbook or underbook tables at any time.

2. Welcoming and greeting guests

Reservation systems like BTRESTRO store returning customers' data that allows servers and other staff members to provide a more personalized customer experience by taking a quick glance at the customer's profile. For example, instead of just saying “Welcome to our restaurant”, if the staff looks at the system and finds that the customer is a returning customer and stores their name in the system, they can greet them more personally with a statement like “Welcome back, Mr Yash!”.

3. Seating Guests

Table management systems, like BTRESTRO, can be very helpful in seating customers as they through the online reservation system allot tables to the number of diners when the booking is made. Servers can also easily allot tables to walk-ins in the restaurant and have a comprehensive view of the ongoing situation of the place to know exactly which tables are available for seating. This reduces seating confusion and helps restaurants use their capability to their highest potential.