How can you improve your Restaurant's Reputation? | BTRESTRO

How can you improve your Restaurant's Reputation? | BTRESTRO

Of all the markets in the world, few are as highly reviewed and publicly recognized as the restaurant industry. People love to share their good dining experiences with their family, friends and social peers-and look to other people’s experiences to decide where they’re going to visit next.

The advance of the modern era has shifted consumer focus from traditional media like newspapers and radios to social media and custom made review sites. That, along with the growing trend of experiential dining has led to an increase in the significance of online reviews and restaurant reputation management.

Why is restaurant reputation management important?

Restaurant reputation management refers to the process of monitoring and managing online guest feedback and creating an approach to improve guest satisfaction, build strong customer relationships, and build a reputation.

Reviews are a double-edged weapon; they can either be the reason for overcrowded or for empty chairs on a weekend night. This is where the importance of restaurant reputation management comes in.

1. Take charge and Touch Tables

Negative experiences are bound to happen. However, an active check-up with the customers can help. motivate your staff to reach out to customers to get feedback while they’re dining. This way, you can try to sort out any issues they might be having then and there and you can possibly stop a bad review from being displayed on any social sites.

2. Encourage diners to leave reviews

It’s always good to give customers a little push to motivate them to give a review on social. Consider reminding them to drop their review by sending a follow-up email right after they leave. The feedback given by customers is only visible internally, so it gives you an opportunity to reach out to potential customers who may have had a bad experience before and have reviewed your restaurant badly on a social platform 

3. Maintain your online presence

From reviews on social media channels like Facebook and Instagram, and even the restaurant’s own website. It’s important to make sure that each of these platforms is frequently updated with the right information to avoid giving out misinformation which in turn leads to negative reviews like “The opening hours on the website are wrong. I went there at 9 pm and they were already closed”.

These websites are usually the customer’s first encounter with your restaurant, so make sure you make a good impression socially as well as physically with a well-maintained online presence and with customer satisfaction.

Good luck, BTRESTRO.