BTRESTRO- Affordable by Small Food Chain

BTRESTRO- Affordable by Small Food Chain

BTRESTRO is ready to use restaurant management software for small businesses. It has expertise in bringing the best-selling solution. It is simple, efficient, and affordable.

Previously, the five-star hotels and restaurants could only afford the POS software. When ZUCOL Group introduced BTRESTO, it became easier for small-scale businesses.

BTRESTRO is easy to use software for fine dining restaurants, casual dining restaurants, pubs, bars & breweries, cafes, bakeries, food trucks, food courts, ice cream shops, and sweet shops.

 It has an investment of just Rs 17/day. It is not even cost more than a cup of tea.

 BTRESTRO is beneficial to small chain businesses. It provides a simple user interface that enables the easy execution of tasks. It helps multiple logins with a complete view of multiple branches' accessibility.

 BTRESTRO generates invoice reports, salary reports, and purchase reports, and many more reports with graphs. It also provides scans and orders with the digital menu. It is an inventory management solution.

 It views all the invoice details of the business-like total sales, cash sales, card sales, and wallet sales of the branch.

 BTRESTRO boosts up all kinds of business revenue. It is digital administration with advanced security.


100% customization available!