Whatsapp marketing for your restaurant

Whatsapp marketing for your restaurant

Have you ever heard about whatsapp marketing ?? I think there is a rare chance of someone not using whatsapp. So don’t you think whatsapp will be the great way of doing marketing. Whatsapp marketing gained the tremendous results in the COVID phase.

Whatsapp is a simple process where various users make a business account and use it as the way of doing marketing.  Marketing through whatsapp is a really good idea as there are approx 487 million people who use whatsapp in india.

But the question lies how to use whatsapp for marketing purpose?? This blog will tell you about that.

Advantages of using whatsapp marketing for your restaurant business.

  • Better customer engagement: Customer engagement is highly important for any kind of business as they have started to use whatsapP. Whatsapp offers direct communivation between customers and and business representatives.
  • Promotions and advertising : Whatsapp is also good for promotions and advertising for your business. For advertising you can share eye catching of your business which tells the information for your business, or any offers or discounts advertisements, any changes in the menu or fod, specialities, comobos etc. you can tell your customers about this through whatsapp.
  • Marketing survey: Through whatsapp you can inform your customers about the new products, discounts, offers etc. Marketing survey is also similar to advertising and promotion as in this too you share brochures of your restaurant. You can seek the attention of your customers by sharing eye catching brochures and images on your whatsapp status.
  • Building of team: You can have excellent communication with whatsapp marketing. All the chat features which makes communication easy. Your employees can share new ideas,thoughts,problems, or even team building activities.

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