What to order for your late night cravings ?

What to order for your late night cravings ?

Are you also in the list of people who stays up late at night and craves to eat something. I am also the one included in the list. But there is a thing with midnight cravings that you don’t know about what to eat at that time of hour. Half of the time is wasted in thinking what to eat. We don’t know for what this craving is about. Then you are at the right place. As I m gonna give you some ideas what to eat to calm your cravings.

  • COFFEE: Chilled cold coffee? How does it sound? Great huh! Then why not to add it in your craving list. It will relax you and also release some stress. Chilled cold coffee in summer at night, watery mouth huh ?
  • MAGGI: Who doesn’t like maggi and that too at night ? It is the best thing to fill your hunger, cravings. Maggi is something on mouth to everyone living in india. We indians call every noodle as maggi, that is what maggi is for us. It also has so many variations which soothes nerves like cheese maggi, oil maggi, masala maggi, butter maggi and many more. I know I know but control your taste buds.
  • PIZZA: Just like maggi it also comes in various variations like mexican corn, paneer tikka pizza, also with different crusts. This is also a solution to cravings at night.
  • SANDWICHES: Sandwiches are both healthy and unhealthy. They are a good option for night cravings. Brown bread uses less oil so it’s a healthy option.
  • ICECREAM: Don’t you think India is a hubspot of icecream lovers. Combo of hot food and ice cream as a dessert. Also in india people eat ice creams with different things making it a combo like ice cream with gulabjamun is love or in our lamguage we can call it jannat. Its also a good option to calm your cravings don’t you think.
  • MOMOS: Oh my all time favorite. It is also a good option don’t you think. Who doesn’t love momos. They also comes in various variations like steamed momos, fried momos with a twist of crunch,  paneer momos, cheese momos. It is a light snack so it won’t hurt your stomach before going to bed.   

So your cravings got the solution now. Now don’t need to think what you have to eat if you have cravings.

Hope you liked this blog.

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