What licenses you need to open a cloud kitchen business ?

What licenses you need to open a cloud kitchen business ?

Proper licenses and certifications is important to open a cloud kitchen. Getting the licenses is important to save you from legal difficulties. Here are the basic licenses you need to open a cloud kitchen.

  • FSSAI: Food safety and Standards Authority of India. They are mandatory for food related business in india and must be obtained on behalf of the company and owner. The license period ranges from 1 to 5 years and must be renewed before expiry. Its also nice to mention FSSAI on the packaging and invoice to build confidence in customers.
  • GST: GST registration is necessary for any businesses in India and also it is recommended to file all the company related taxes timely. GST must be submitted weekly, quarterly and annually.
  • TRADE LICENSE: Every business will require a trade license and so does the cloud kitchen. This can be obtained from the local municipal office by furnishing all necessary documents. It’s a one time job and its kind of mandatory legal action.
  • FIRE AND SAFETY LICENSE: Its not mandatory to start with but its great to save yourself from future troubles. Fire and human health agreements are compulsory for any workplace.

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