What is Restaurant POS? | what a Restaurant management system can manage?

What is Restaurant POS? | what a Restaurant management system can manage?

The POS is for dine-in restos, cafes, food trucks, pubs are at the heart of your restaurant management system. When your client’s orders get punched in, his details get saved in your database. This apart, billing, printing KOT – the key functional activities are handled by your POS software restaurant. You can also analyze clients’ information, see what works for you and make better, make more informed decisions. Also, the clients' data you collect is then used to fuel your marketing. Nowadays, everything can be computerized. Think automated emails, SMS campaigns, and social media ad campaigns that aim for your customer to make them visit frequent. Did you know that every 69% of your restaurant’s revenue comes in through a Repeat customer? Your POS is essential to making this happen.

A modern cloud restaurant POS software would help you to a greater extent,

Listing out the main benefits:

•Keeps track of your customers log

  • Easy to carry and user friendly, POS software for restaurant can be used from the comfort of your home or wherever as long as you have an active internet connection.

  • Quick software updates allow your software to be as high grade as new.

  • Safer and more secure data restaurant management system.

  • Restaurant analytics is made effortless with your restaurant POS software, Whether restaurant strategy or functional metrics.

With a robust POS software for restaurant you can now estimate:

  • Inventory Turnover (Food Usage)    

  • Restaurant CRM – Engagement metrics like indicate traffic, and social media engagement statistics.


Key features of restaurant pos software offered by BTRESTRO-

1. Keep complete control of your online menu –

Trial and test with your menu. Add new meals, and change price tag in real-time without any dependency on assortment! Never let items run out of stock. Control stock availability online with a single click has complete authority over your store timings.

2. Never lose out on an online order get a visual notification for every order-

 Keep tea break operations stress free! Ease order processing. Designed for easy to use interface to increase order allowance rate make food ready to automate delivery bills and improve food preparing time percentage by 25%

3. Get business insights across assortment-

 Evaluate marketing of each item across aggregators and run offers & discounts, accommodate your online sales in reports and keep thorough track of pending revenue from aggregators. Get a precise cancellation report with reasons and improve your performance.

4. Guest seating and service-

A quick browse dashboard to help restaurant managers quickly know the table review, which is engaged and accessible, Friendly touch screen UI. Complete clearness on combo and special offer details in billing.


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