what is the customer journey in hospitality? | BTRESTRO

what is the customer journey in hospitality? | BTRESTRO

Optimization is one of the main themes after the pandemic. With fewer resources available like tables, staff, diners, etc restaurants started using apps to speed up ordering by simplifying menus only keeping customers' choice cuisines and best sellers.

Framework for the customer journey

The customer experience starts way before the customer starts eating and continues after they have paid the bill. There are as many customer passages as there are products and services, but overall they can be classified into three phases: before, during, and after finishing. When it comes to restaurants, we can summarize it as Attract, Dine, Retain (ADR). As customers keep moving forward with these stages, they have specific assumptions and come into contact with the restaurants through several points of interaction.

In this, we are going to explain what ADR looks like-

Attract- In this part, there are many ways how customers found you maybe by recommendation of a friend or by reading reviews of your restaurants on any social sites (Instagram, Facebook), there might be regular customers or customers that are visiting your restaurant for the first time.

At one point customers would most possibly check your social media sites or your restaurant's website with the hope of discovering the type of experience they are looking for. Hence it is important to trademark conveys the image that you want your customers to see and the basic information about your restaurant (address through maps, opening hours etc)

Dinning- This is the second stage where customers arrive and end after they are done. Appetizing food and good customer service mean building good relationships with your customers this kind of customer service will keep them from coming back. Efficiency is pretty important as it can lead to repeat sales to the same customer, customers who have already made reservations would expect to find their table ready so they don’t have to wait any longer. Most of the interaction points would be one on one when they'll be making payments or ordering through virtual menus.

Retain- This is the last stage of the customer journey that is oftentimes neglected. It is mainly about maintaining a state of gratitude, fast responses, and customer satisfaction. If customer expectations have been on level pegging it means they have a good reason for coming back. By sending them customized offers and good deals we can increase of chances of them making a comeback.

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