What to include in a customer feedback form ?

What to include in a customer feedback form ?

Customer feedbacks are really important to run a restaurant business. A feedback from the customer whether its positive or negative is important to do improvements in your restaurant. Feedbacks tell about the goods and bad of your restaurant.

Customer give their true feedbacks according to their experience in the restaurant. They can fill the feedback forms to give their feedbacks.

Feedbacks on your website tells customers about your restaurant. As a restaurant owner you must keep check on your customer satisfaction. Restaurant feedback forms are a way to know what your customer feels for your restaurant and what they expect from you.

Restaurant feedbacks not only helps you understand what your customer wants but also helps you in making marketing strategies in a better way.

What to include ??

  • Don’t make any fields required: Make it easy for the users to provide feedbacks. In this way customers are doing some favor for you giving you feedback making some time from their busy life. Customers tells you about their experience from the feedback form which also lets you know about the goods and bads of your restaurant.
  • Avoid asking questions like “how did you hear about us?”: There have to be a favourable time and place for asking questions that will help your marketing team. Instead of asking your questions you should remember that the feedback form is about the customer. Its made for customer to ask their queries. So ask them questions that will bring some benefits to your restaurant.
  • Always allow for open ended feedback: Open ended feedbacks are more time consuming then the automatic compiling data. Information gained from this can be very useful. As it gives the user the chance to explain their experience with you and also gives the more complete picture of what they think for your restaurant.

Some feedback questions that yiu can use :

  • What problems are you looking forward to solve?
  • Did our services fulfilled your needs?
  • Do you have any more questions or concerns from us?
  • Did we resolved your query?
  • Did you find the solution for your problem?

I hope this blog helped you with the feedback queries.

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