What features to look for in a restaurant management system? | BTRESTRO

What features to look for in a restaurant management system? | BTRESTRO

Order Management

It is always a great idea to be updated on what happens at your restaurant, both online and offline. Like the orders, you get both through your own order platform and online food cumulates like Swiggy, Zomato, and Food panda. All the essential updates in relation to orders and status notifications will now pop up on your dashboard, soothing your restaurant management system process considerably.

The main perks of having an order management platform are:

  •  Integrated order management – covers all paths
  •  Get pop up notifications for all order statuses
  •  Conduct all the necessary customer calls on one dashboard

Restaurant Marketing Management                           

Advertise all your offers, your menu items, your special discounts and more. This is what keeps your clients engaged and gets them back to your restaurant.

Employee management tool                                           

We recommend combining it with excellent employee management software.

Here are some features you should look out for:

•Employee check out time tracking

•Log, productivity, and overtime tracking

•User access control settings.

•Staff member's details

•Expenditure management attribute or integration.

Restaurant finances and Accounting software

Your restaurant accounts and financial software should help you determine the Cost of goods sold, track transactions and net profit and help you manage your duty, and there is merely no one-size-fits-all perspective to this. Every company has their own conditions. We suggest integration with capable accounting software for this one. One that has all the components you need to ensure your money matters are accurately handled.

Inventory or stock management

The restaurant management system feature lets you know when stocks are low by alerting you before they run out. Imagine the impact on sales, if let’s say you run out of the main flavouring during busy dinner service? This could actively hamper sales. With inventory management, you can also measure ingredients as you utilise them.

One of the greatest challenges a restaurant can face is knowing its food cost. Inventory management features help you regulate this. This feature also lets you lessen your trash. You can run budget price to clear stock, or export excess ingredients to other outlets.

Menu updates

Provides easy changes to your menu – Online Ordering portal, POS ought to be easy or order management. You might want to amend pricing (we have found this to be one of the most oft seasonal needs). So make sure you ask for a demo of the menu update process before you purchase.


Whether a single application in a single outlet or multiple applications in multiple outlets, your restaurant management system needs to be built for scale. Your feature needs to advance since buying new technology every time can be costly (and unproductive).

Instant billing

The faster your orders get punched, the faster the KOTs release. This can result in how much business you could initiate in a given period. As KOTs fly out in 12 seconds, 4 seconds if you have order restaurant management system integrated.

Ease of use

Clean functionality and a simple roadmap make it easy to accomplish actions. The navigation of the interface should allow clients to find what they are here for. Mobile responsive interfaces allow working on the go.


 The purpose of a restaurant management system is modest. To do as much so that you don’t have to. so You end up with a quality experience with your software.

And that means, your customers have a good time.


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