what are the top features to look for in a food truck POS system? | BTRESTO

what are the top features to look for in a food truck POS system? | BTRESTO

1. Reliable internet connection in a food truck POS system and offline mode just in case 

On your food truck having a wireless setup set up is a must. As a food truck operator, you should concentrate on serving your customers, and not be concerned about your internet connection every time you move your food truck. Keep in mind that connecting to general wifi at a  food truck POS system park or event is no good practice. Generally, a shared wireless setup like this results in strangle connections and a less secure internet event.

As well, if there’s anything that’s sure in running a restaurant business, it’s that things don’t always go as we think they would have. So for those moments when you go to a location where you’re working to connect to the internet or your wireless setup goes down, it’s important to have a POS system that offers a quick fix such as offline mode. This system will make sure that there are no disruptions to your service. With POS system offline mode you can print tickets and receipts, and you can continue to place orders and take credit card payments until the connection is revived and you’re back online.

2. Payment options for your food truck technology

When it comes to food truck POS system technology, you’re probably looking for some inexpensive, ideal solution for your all problems BTRESTRO. Even if you have big dreams of expanding your business, all food trucks start small.

But that doesn’t mean you’re too small for a quality POS system.

The ideal POS system for food trucks, food stands, or food stalls. It allows you to get up and start running. Plus, offers a Pay-as-You-Go plan that reduces your straightforward hardware and installation costs through an all-in-one platform.

When looking for a  food truck POS system for your food truck, it’s important to find an ideal solution that offers everything you need when you need it, rather than one that forces you to piece by piece solutions in exchange for a lower price point.

3. Online ordering for a food truck POS system

Having a schedule of where you’ll be allowed to drive repeat customers gives them the ability to order ahead, using your online ordering system, without any confusion.

Without an online ordering option, the only way left for customers to purchase from your food truck is by physically standing in line. And while a long line may be a good sign for business,  but it's not a great customer experience. Giving your guests the opportunity to order ahead via your online ordering platform will lead to faster sales opportunities, and shorter lines, and will reduce the pressure on your staff.

Overall, if your customers are looking for you online, make sure your food truck has a presence. Otherwise, they might go with another option or eatery nearby instead.

4. Easy menu management in a food truck POS system

For a food truck, a menu might change daily or weekly.

Specials, event-specific items, catering options, and even updated costs make your menu a living, breathing system.

So, why should you have to restart your system to change a menu item? Why should you have to actually be inside your food truck to get into the menu management software?

With a cloud-based POS system, you can add your specials on your phone, even if you wanted to do it while laying on your couch or out at the gym. Run out of an item in the truck? it will notify you when you run out of stock, You can fix it with the click of a  button.

Things move fast in a food truck, and your food truck point of sale has to roll with the punches. Whether you're parked and serving customers or on the way to your next stop, it’s important to choose a POS system that allows you to quickly and easily update your menu or prices wherever and whenever you want.