Types of customers and how to deal with them

Types of customers and how to deal with them

If you have a small business you may not come across with many customers on daily basis. But on the other hand if you have a large chain on a large business than you come across various types of customers everyday.

Some customers can be very friendly to you, some maybe judgy, some angry or high tempered. So there is a large variety of people in the world right??

Restaurants should know how to deal with various type of customers visiting them? How to treeat them good according to their mood? How to make their experience a better one?

Every person has a different personality. You should recognize their mood and work accordingly.

Some types of customers are:

  • New customers: New customers always have the questions about your restaurant. They are the judgy ones. As they newly visit to your restaurant they will look at each and every thing in your restaurant and judge accordingly. They saw something about you that is why only they visited you. So its your duty to make them happy and satisfy them with your services.
  • Angry customers: Some customers in your restaurant maybe angry because of their short temper problem or maybe they had a bad day or something else. There can be many reasons for their low mood. If they visited your restaurant they came from some expectations. So its your duty to make them feel good and make their low mood a good one. Make them happy with your services.
  • Loyal customers: They are the best type of customers because they show loyalty to you and also stay loyal to you. They are your regular customers. They visit you every second day. They are the one who are your good advertisers, who say good things to the other customers. If they are your loyal customers than they may also expect standard and good services from your restaurant. If they are your old customers that doesn’t mean you should take them for granted you should treat them good and also try your best to provide them best.

A big question.How you can deal with such customers???

Every customer needs depends on them, their attitude, their nature, their relationship with the restaurant. But there are a few things every customer expect from you.

  • Fast answers to queries and questions
  • To get help as they need
  • Friendly support
  • Help over the every channel of their choice
  • A personalized experience where they don’t get to repeat themselves

I hope this blog helped you with everything you wanted to know.

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