Steps restaurants should follow for unbeatable social media marketing | BTRESTRO

Steps restaurants should follow for unbeatable social media marketing | BTRESTRO

Trying to grab your customers’ attention? That simply might be having a strong social media presence where you share your story, and your brand recognization while social media sites are not essential for all restaurants it is definitely useful for those getting started or looking to earn some credit. As the matter of fact is that social media is long term and if you wish to be visible to the next generation of foodies, then it is crucial to have a social media presence.

Long ago when social media didn’t exist feedback was given on televisions, radios, magazines or newspapers. Neither one of these can spread the word as quick as Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

Now anyone can analyze by looking at someone's social media site what experience they provide, and how satisfied their customers are with the service provided, customer feedback is one of the most powerful resources a restaurant business can have. exposure when used in the right manner can be extremely beneficial for any business. Here are some steps you can take for your social media platform to help drive the traffic,

  1. Create a column for upcoming events

It's always better to order and systemize your thoughts before publishing them on any social media platform. A column of events acts as a backbone behind any good social media campaign. If you want to highlight some posts like best sellers, customer choice dishes, or seasonal dishes, you need to schedule what gets posted on what dates they also ensure you post at optimal times.

Timing is everything, a proper column made for posting about events helps you pick the best, and most active time to post.


  1. Use trending topics to post

This is another chance to get creative by posting on topics that is trending in the market these can be about anything like celebrities, the latest news, sports, etc

This is another way to get exposure on one or more social media platforms for a limited duration of time. This is the most obvious and powerful platform to use trending topics in your marketing strategy. A strategy used by one restaurant in Delhi when a rain storm stuck Delhi recently he posted a selfie with a reporter captioning “we are still open, come grab your drink!” when the weather channel was forecasting this everyone posted this through their social media post, this picture become associated with this. A good social media content creator can find ways to gain exposure through anything.


  1. Gratifying social followers

Many restaurers give discount coupons to customers or offer free starters for a selected period of time after customers follow you on your all social media sites. A faithful customer can be hard to get but with this attention, grabbing strategies or giving rewards to your followers can help you get a loyal customer base in minimal time.

You can also gratify people for posting about your restaurant on their social media site, as people tend to incline more towards the things their friends suggest to them. A familiar and well-known source of information goes a long way in getting a customer base!

Good luck, BTRESTRO.