The right way to respond to bad restaurant reviews

The right way to respond to bad restaurant reviews

Positive reviews can encourage diners to visit a restaurant, bad restaurant reviews can discourage customers and affect the revenue. No restaurant is immune to angry customers and less than stellar reviews. Things you should do to respond to bad restaurant reviews.

  • Thank the customer for their business: Out of many restaurants in the location, the customer chose to visit your place. Take a time to show some gratitude with a simple, “ thanks for dining with us”. Also use the reviewers name to add a personal touch to your response.
  • Highlight something good from the review: If the review contains bad more than good, try to highlight something positive the reviewer wrote. This reminds the customer that they liked something about their dining experience.
  • Apologize for what went wrong: After the niceties it’s time for the core. Everyone makes mistakes. When you apologize to customers, you come off as humble and receptive to feedback instead of arrogant.
  • Explain why the error or the problem happened: Explain the changes that are being made to ensure that the mistakes won’t happen again. You are showing your customers that you are taking their feedbacks seriously.
  • Move the situation offline: Try to take the conversation offline. Provide the customer the contact information for a specific company representative. Doing this shows that you take feedbacks seriously and are approachable. It also shows that you customer service seriously and and really want to address the issues that customer mentioned.
  • Invite them back: Once you have addressed all of the above, its important to invite the customer back to the restaurant so that you can win back their trust.

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