QR codes over physical menus in restaurants today

QR codes over physical menus in restaurants today

QR codes over physical menus in restaurants today, a change that many in the industry believe is permanent.  Its downloads have soared over 750 % over the last 18 months. Restaurant tech experts also see more opportunities for QR codes, like placing digital orders on premise and keeping track of customer data and past orders.

Restaurants also can implement QR code payments on receipts, so customers can pay without pulling out a credit card or cash. Its both more convenient for customers and faster for servers, allowing restaurants to seat more customers by turning tables more quickly.

Advantages of using QR codes:

  • Maintain and update menus in real-time without having to print them:  QR codes are a convinient way to manage the restaurants menu. Restaurants can update their digital menu without having to print new menu cards, enabling them to save money and reduce wastage. Even from a customer’s point of view, these menu  are very easy to access.
  •  Increase your staff’s efficiency: Whether dinner are staying for a long time or are in a hurry, QR codes are ideal for both scenerios. The time taken for restaurant to take orders, check-in, and drop checks to dinners is eliminated with digital ordering and payments using QR codes.
  • Promote hygeine through contactless solutions:  Taking care of the public health safety measures, the pandemic has caused restaurants to implement social distancing very strictly. Menus no longer need to be handed from waiters to customers and returned to your employees, making QR codes the ideal contactless choice. Customers may simply access the menu on their smartphones and order directly.
  • Reduces expenses and increases savings: QR codes also saves time and money. Even if you have to print and put QR codes all around your institution, they take up very little space, so you’ll still save money.

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