POS or EPOS confuse about the right choice for your business? | POS  system

POS or EPOS confuse about the right choice for your business? | POS system

Hello! Nice to meet you all once again. What is the difference between POS system and EPOS system? I can sense your smirking. What’s the biggie? Google and find out. Not that effortless. You can read so many blogs and even look at the videos, But there will be an obvious lack of accuracy. That’s what I felt. Then with the right expertise, working with product experts, and making blunders (Of course!). I got to know the actual difference. So, I believe in the saying, ‘Sharing is caring!’ So, let me share my knowledge of POS (point of sale) Vs. EPOS (electronic point of sale) with you.

What is POS?

A Point Sale system, or POS management software, is the place where your customer completes payment for the products, purchases or services delivered from your store, Or in simple words, it is the place where a buyer completes a point of sale eCommerce.

What is EPOS?

An Electronic Point of Sale system, or EPOS, has both the features of EPOS hardware and EPOS software. EPOS offers a more leading technology to provide better business function and performance. Or we can say, EPOS is the electronic format of the traditional POS systems that mainly run online. Your company’s complete information gets fully safe and secured on a cloud.

POS Vs. EPOS – Which is correct for your business?

When you consider POS Vs. EPOS, given factors help you with the right choice for your business.

When cost is a factor

Small and medium-sized firms cannot spend a lot on buying new hardware to support their traditional POS system. For example, if you want to attach additional bill counters with a POS system, you have to set up a separate visual display unit in the store. Whereas with an EPOS system, you can let your employees do the billing on mobile and let your customers complete it via digital invoicing. So in EPOS, there is no need for additional billing counters! But the attachments for EPOS do not come for free, You have to invest. Whereas in traditional POS it is affordable with a fair cost.

When space is a factor

Leasing space in the city is not that easy, not all business holders have the benefit of having their own space. So when you lease a space, the profit per square foot, which means, the benefit for every square foot of your business, is essential.


When the software update is a factor

EPOS system call for regular software updates. You have to stay up to date with the technology to manage it. In contrast, traditional POS demands little to no training. Also, EPOS can be a burden when technology turns against you. For example, recall the time when the amount got debited from your account, but you had to hang for the bill since it did not get displayed in the POS management software, Or when the security cash box did not allow you to open for necessary conditions. A traditional POS system can help you avoid such positions.


When Internet connectivity is a factor

EPOS requires an active internet connection in many situations. Though the offline connection is upheld by many EPOS systems it does not ensure real-time update of data. This is where traditional POS management software comes from. If your brand cannot involve an active internet connection, a traditional POS system can be a good choice.

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