Online ordering system with BTRESTRO

Online ordering system with BTRESTRO

The online ordering system with BTRESTRO prepared to host several tables in the restaurant. It allows customers to order their favourite food online.

The online ordering system with BTRESTRO has a unique and effective scan and order system. It scans the QR code and views the menu right from their mobile phone browser, without downloading any app.

This self-service system gives contactless ordering and hassle-free invoicing. It improves the efficiency in order-taking and optimizes the order management process. It helps in placing orders and reordering without contacting the restaurant staff.

It creates a digital menu with just a few clicks, manages their schedules, keeps track of the orders, and does business. It creates combos to attract the customer for engagement. It helps in modifying the dishes. Dishes can be added or removed from the menu.

Online ordering system with BTRESTRO traces customer address. It also supports more selling by discount code.

This system also helps customers in rating and reviewing the restaurant and its food. 

The online ordering system with BTRESTRO is 100% responsive and works perfectly on any device. It's an easy-to-use interface, and an elegant design, enabling you to achieve a high conversion rate.

Try it & see for yourself.