Manage your business from anywhere anytime with the restaurant management app ?

Manage your business from anywhere anytime with the restaurant management app ?

What Is a restaurant management app ?

Restaurant management app allows restaurant owners to oversee all the operations using a single solution. Using restaurant management software can equip you to reopen your business and ride the wave of recent restaurant trends. Restaurant management app shows the real time data of the restaurant.  The best example of this is the BTRESTRO application. Let us manage your restaurant, while you can relax and monitor us working and getting your restaurant on high platforms. With this manage your business from anywhere anytime.


  • Improve customer relationship: It enhances customer experiences. It allows restaurants to modify the menu easily, deducts the waiting time and also facilitates customers with various payment option with accuracy via cards, cash, cheque, etc. They provide better service quickly and leading to satisfying customers.
  • Tracking sales: Restaurant management software helps to make life easy as the restaurant manager by tracking all the sales data.It gives the power to make better decisions for your business.
  • Automatic analysis: The restaurant management software can automize the report generation. It produces perfect reports on the impact of implemented marketing schemes like loyalty programs, offers and discount.
  • Employee satisfaction: Employee satisfaction is important, they should feel comfort and trust from your side. This software let them have control over managing their shifts. It improves that you are fully staffed without exceeding the labour budget.
  • Reduction of errors: Writing down orders for kitchen staff that results in some mistakes being produce due to the handwriting may be illegible. With this software orders are shown on the screen. So there is a less chance that the person preparing the orders can make errors.
  • Enhanced productivity: It handles time intensive tasks such as price look-ups and table distributions. It allows the employees to focus on other jobs which helps to enhance the business growth and the customer experience.
  • Effective use of Human Resources: Establishing the restaurant management software which helps to free up the staff from performing time consuming tasks. The tasks such as the manually executing the cash register reconcillation and double checking disparities in sales.

BTRESTRO provides you with all the benefits. It provides you with the best management services.

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