Make your work easy by BTRESTRO

Make your work easy by BTRESTRO

BTRESTRO provides you with the best management experience to make your work go smooth. We will provide you with the best services possible to run your restaurant in a better way. Today the big cities have high demand of cafes and restaurant and because of their demands they also expect to be serviced best with the best technology and modernties. But today who is having that much time to manage everything at once, Right?

Then what are you waiting for we are here for you to manage your restaurants and hotels with BTRESTRO. We are in your service to keep track on everything your restaurants needs to get successful.

We will keep track on the table booking or room booking of your restaurant and hotel. We will take care of the stock or inventory of your restaurant. We will take care of your SMS management system, We’ll notify you for the finished stock and the related things and many more.

Join BTRESTRO now and relax.

Happy Serving!