Leading Solution for your problems –BTRESTRO

Leading Solution for your problems –BTRESTRO

The single app you ever need to manage the restaurant anywhere anytime. BTRESTRO is the leading way of changing the way of hospitality. It was introduced by ZUCOL GROUP for making your restaurant managing problems easy. It is a completely cloud based software which can be used from anywhere anytime. BTRESTRO provides you solutions for managing your restaurant business. It is the only platform that provides the solutions to 350+ restaurants. It joins with businesses that have dining restaurants, cafes, bakeries, pubs, bars, food courts, food trucks, breweries, ice cream shops, and sweet shops etc.

The only software that lets you see daily revenues from the restaurants. There are various features that BTRESTRO is working on.

  • It is a cloud based software that provides you with infinite storage, backup and recovery. You will be provided with infinite storage that lets you keep unlimited inventory through our software. Also it will provide you with backup and recovery facility.
  • It will provide you with complete monitoring on single dashboard with efficient and organized workflow that keeps you updated with everything going in your restaurant. We will give you the best services with our software.
  • We have the best customer support services that which is also fast responsive. We do have free chat and call services so if you have any issues regarding the services, you can just give us a call. Also we have feedback services as we believe in improving and getting better.

BTRESTRO provides you with best services for your restaurant management.

Join BTRESTRO today and save resources.

Happy serving!