How to write great restaurant menu description ?

How to write great restaurant menu description ?

Creating a menu seems very simple to everyone but it takes a lot of creativity, it is an art, and takes a lot of efforts, and calculations to price those items right. Restaurant owners get so involved in pricing their menu. A well designed restaurant menu with good restaurant menu description can influence your customers to order more.

Try these tips to write great restaurant menu description and enhance restaurant menu more to attract customers.

  • TALK ABOUT THE APPEARANCE, TEXTURE AND TASTE OF THE DISH: The restaurant menu description of the dish should ideally paint a picture to the reader about what the dish looks like, what will be the specifications of the dish, what texture it is and how it would taste. Words such as vibrant, leafy, encrusted, buttered etc. Rich, creamy, delicious, tender, sweet give an excellent feel to the dish.  
  • EMPHASIZE THE FINE QUALITY OF YOUR EXOTIC INGREDIENTS: If you are serving some of the exotic and most finest items in the restaurant then you should mention it in your restaurant menu description. It will not only tempt your customers to order those items but also help in justifying the high selling price.
  • KEEP THE MENU DESCRIPTIONS SHORT AND EASILY TO UNDERSTAND: Long paragraphs in the menu somehow fails to communicate the essence of the dish. It is important to keep the description short and easy to read.

What words to include in your restaurant menu description?

  • Vibrant, tangy, yummy, zesty
  • Caramelized, wood-oven roasted, crispy, buttered
  • Leafy, tender, creamy, elegant
  • Aromatic, Delicate, drizzled, encrusted
  • Succulent, velvety, Home-made, infused
  • Juicy, kneaded, local, meticulously
  • Melt in your mouth, Organic, Pan-seared, Quintessential
  • Slow roasted, seasonal, time-tested, unbeatable

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