How to track and use your restaurant POS data ?

How to track and use your restaurant POS data ?

“ Data is gold ” if you use it in a good way for the welfare of your restaurant. Data can be stored or collected in many forms like sales data, profit and loss data, employee data, data which tells your restaurants state. Like in which state your restaurant is in.

Actually data is not gold but if you use it in a smart way it can become gold for you.

As a restaurant owner if you have invested in a POS system then the data collected can be used in many ways. You can use that data to improve your restaurant services, increase revenue and make your operations easy.

Some ways you can utilise your restaurant POS data?

  • INVENTORY DATA: Inventory management is one of the important part of restaurant management. This tracking is not accurate sometimes but you can also take some idea of what you need to improve in your inventory management. POS can help you in tracking the low stock, over stock, stock which is going to expire etc.
  • SALES DATA: By this technology you can know your sales data in depth and improve accordingly.  You can analyse the sales data of your restaurant. This system can help you find out daily/monthly/hourly sales of your restaurant. Order summary, summary of online orders, tax reports, sales during special occasion etc.
  • CUSTOMER DATA: Keeping the track of customer data is very essential in your restaurant business as customer is god right? You can use this system for collecting customer data like their birthdays, anniversaries, favorite dishes, orders, what they order more their preferences etc.
  • FOOD COST DATA: Using this system you can easily track your fixed food costs, average cost per order, most profit earning item, most popular dish and many more.

Restaurant data can be helpful in many ways. If you utilise this data in an better way it can be really helpful to increase your restaurant revenue.

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