How to set short term and long term goals for your restaurant ?

How to set short term and long term goals for your restaurant ?

Setting goals for your restaurant is the biggest and the toughest task. Isn’t it ???? Here, in this blog you’ll read about how to set long term and short term goals for your restaurant.

So why do we need to set goals?? Setting goals for the restaurant sets a procedure or a process of doing work. Then according to those goals restaurant and the staff work.

Goals sets a target for the restaurant. And they have to achieve those targets to reach their goals. Goals also helps in driving success for your restaurant.

How to set short term and long term restaurant goals ???

  • Increase monthly net restaurant sales: Net restaurant sales is the most important touchstone for your business. Your restaurant success is fully dependent on net sales of your restaurant.  Net sales equals to gross sales minus discounts.
  • Increase daily net restaurant sales: Sometimes its really helpful to engage and zoom in your daily restaurant net sales. Keeping in check your daily restaurant sales can lead to know the errors more clearly and increase profits.
  • Improve new revenue streams: Improve new revenue streams . New revenue streams are the various sources from where the business earns money from selling the goods. Also to start a gift card you can too start some fun, competition with your servers to see who can sell the most of the gift cards.
  • Improve your top selling items: See who are your top selling items from the menu. And improve those items,upgrade those items to increase your sales and revenue. Try to add more taste in those dishes so that they will bring more sales and increase more profits. That dish can also become the brand image of your restaurant.
  • Test new menu items: Test your new menu items from your restaurants menu. Calculate the net sales and rate of each new item from your menu. To test the service of the new item Calculate the average net sales per each menu item over a month. At the end of the month look if that item reach the everage net sales if yes you can keep it in youe menu and if not you can discard it.

I hope this blog helped you with the setting of goals and importance of setting goals in your restaurant.

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