How restaurant managers can create a kid friendly restaurant ?

How restaurant managers can create a kid friendly restaurant ?

If a group of kids enter the restaurant the staff starts to get stressed from the thought of the mess they create but you can turn these little guys in a business opportunity for your restaurant. With so much competotion in the market becoming a kid friendly restaurant can give you an edge on others and also improve your profits. Making the dining proces comfortable will be highly appreciated by the parents. They will bound to come back again and again because they know how hard it is to find a kid friendly restaurant which gives them a chance to relax.  Some changes in the restaurant can lead you to create a kid friendly restaurant.

  • TRAIN YOUR STAFF: Train your staff to treat the kids with same respect and courtesy as they treat adults. Don’t be rude with the kids otherwise they’ll not take a single minute to turn your restaurant in a play area. Your staff should respect the child’s need. Any signs of disrespect to the child can lead to a negative impact on the parents which may not bring them to your place ever again.
  • SERVE HEALTHIER KIDS MEALS: Lot of parents these days want their kids to eat healthy over the junk. Offering healthy options on the menu like veggies, baked chicken with cheese dip, pasta and fruit slices can give you an edge over other restaurants.
  • PROVIDE NECESSARY EQUIPMENTS: Equip your restaurant with family friendly furniture items. Families with kids especially those who have babies needs bigger tables or high chairs or booster seats. Your bathroom should also have changing stations to allow parents to easily change the clothes and diapers of their kids if needed. Your restaurant should also have coloring products and toys.
  • GET A PLAY AREA: The only thing that will attract the children is a separate play area where they are not controlled by their parents but still supervised from a distance. It also ensures that the other people in the restaurant are not disturbed.
  • TAKE PRECAUTIONS: Everything in your restaurant should be safe for kids. Look for sharp corners and open sockets. A little child proofing won’t hurt. Install non slippery tiles if possible. Check the play area daily for sharp objects.

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