How to reduce food wastes in your restaurant?

How to reduce food wastes in your restaurant?

Managing food inventory and reducing the food waste in your restaurant not only helps you to maintain green environment but also helps you to save costs on your wasted food. Here are some ways how you can reduce food wastes in your restaurant.

  • ONLY BUY WHAT YOU NEED: Don’t buy products in a bulk if you don’t need. Discounts and offers doesn’t mean you have to buy everything at once. Buy only those items you need. Keep a good idea about the quantity you need. This will also reduce wastes and save costs.
  • FIRSTLY USE THE FOOD WHICH IS TO BE EXPIRED: Mark your food with dates and labels so it is more visible to your eyes whenever you look at your pantry. It’s a common sense that you have to throw away the items which are expired.
  • PRACTICE STOCK ROTATION REGULARLY: Use the First In, First Out rule. Use the items brought first and the other afterwards. Always ensure that the newer stock is routinely placed behind the older stock and used before.
  • ALWAYS ALL FOOD ORDERS: Always test the food before you buy it and send the orders. Always check your orders before you send it to your customers.
  • COMPOST FOOD WASTE: Start composting your kitchen waste instead of throwing it away in the dustbins. It can be complex but is a great way to reduce landfill waste. Even if you don’t have a restaurant garden to use compost, Give it to local farmers and gardeners.
  • DONATE SURPLUS FOOD: Donate the leftover food of the day that still left in bulk and feed the needy or hungry. There is no better charity than feeding a hungry. Contact larger companies or visit your nearby underprivileged area and distribute by your hands. Food scraps can be fed to animals also.
  • SELL FOOD ON DISCOUNT: If you are having food items that can go bad in a day or two and have more than you can sell then put them on discounts and offers. It is the perfect way to food waste management.

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