How to modernise your restaurant kitchen for higher output ?

How to modernise your restaurant kitchen for higher output ?

The most majority of restaurants In india have invested or are in process of investing in new modern technology. The restaurant industry always focus on innovating their restaurants with top facilities and technology. The one area that ia greatly benefitted with these innovations is the kitchen area. Due to Covid-19 the restaurants have to forcefully adapt the more significant kitchen automation. Majority of restaurants are in process of investing in new automation technology. Automated kitchens are mainly associated with the cloud kitchens. There are some ways how you can modernise your restaurant kitchen for higher outputs.

  • TIME IS MONEY: Having an automated kitchen helps In saving the time. While some restaurants are fast food or quick service, others provide fine-dining. The automated process turns out the dishes quicker. Automated kitchens are the future of the restaurant industry. Automation is used in various ways such as flipping burgers, assembling pizzas or nachos. It reduces the labour costs, cleanliness and human errors.
  • REDUCES THE LABOUR COST: The automated kitchen is cheaper because the cost incurred only once. It is cheaper to employ robots then to employ humans. They are virtually mistake free, one can save time in excesses and costy human errors.
  • HIGHLY CONSISTENT: Many companies who offers kitchen automation has seen increase in queries. There are food manufactures machines that make various foods without any human intervention.
  • HIGHER PROFITS: Increasing the table turns isnt’t the only way, use of technology can also increase profits. During lunch time service or when the customers have limited time to eat then speeding up the service time can give them the oppurtunity to spend more by ordering additional courses, such as desserts. By using kitchen automation restaurants have also gained higher profits because they have received fewer complaints. 
  • GUEST EXPERIENCE: A customers experience can be enriched by the technology in a handful of ways. Automation organises the cooking process which creates a calmer kitchens and as aresult the surrounding dining area is quieter. The quality and accuracy of the meals is also improved. Automation software ensures that an entire table’s order is completed at the same time so every member of the group receives their food at the optimum temperature.
  • REDUCE WASTE: Wasted food measns wasted money, For the quick service or the single item restaurants cooking the right amount of food while minimising wastage is crucial.With the bin management component of automation software operators are able to automate the hot hold process, allowing food to be hot held but for the least amount of time possible, ensuring items are not discarded for too long.
  • REMOTELY CONTROLLED KITCHEN: With remote monitoring through the internet of things, one can also keep track of the restaurant kitchen that can automate repetitive tasks such as monitoring appliances and tracking inventory, one can accomplish more with a smaller team.

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