How to make the table setting at your restaurant best ?

How to make the table setting at your restaurant best ?

The type of table setting you use for your dining room or catered events sends a message to your guests, letting them know what type of service they are expecting to receive. The more items used in the table setting, the more formal the service is.

Setting the table for your guests shows attention to detail and an indication that you care about their needs and take care of their expectations.

Types of table setting for a restaurant are:

  • FORMAL TABLE SETTING: This type of table setting is the preffered choice for weddings, fine-dine restaurants and corporate parties etc. The formal table setting is the most consistent and well balanced and requires the maximum number of utensils.
  • CASUAL TABLE SETTING: An informal or casual table set up is perfect for dinner parties, casual weddings and family occasions. These type of table setting requires less utensils and gives you more flexibility in arranging them on the table.
  • BUFFET TABLE SETTING: Whether you are serving your guests or it is a buffet dinner, buffet table set up is perfect for the guest who like to get the food on their own. The guest’s table included just the utensils like spoons, forks, plates etc. which are put together at the end of the buffet table line.
  • BREAKFAST TABLE SETTING: It is the convinient and a functional way of setting up the basic utensils on the table. This table setting need not look lavish or expensive, you can arrange the basic or minimum utensils on the customer’s  table.
  • PIZZERIA TABLE SETTING: A pizzeria table consists of the most basic restaurant table setting serving the guest. The most popular set up consists of one piece each of plate, knife, fork, spoon, glass and napkin.

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