How to get google reviews for your restaurant business ?

How to get google reviews for your restaurant business ?

If you own a business you know how important it is to have good reviews on your business. Feedbacks on social media to reviews on your site is equally important. It helps in promoting your business on digital platforms. It makes you visible in front of your existing customers and even to the new ones.

Businesses can get many types of reviews but Google reviews are the most important ones. Google reviews provide useful information and help your business stand out.


  1. Own profile on review sites: Make your profiles on various review sites. Make sure users can see that you look at those sites while replying to the reviews. Even a one line thank you can go a long way. This will tell people that you are listening to their problems.
  2. Ask your guests for reviews: Ask your known guests for the positive reviews. If one person reviews your business bad but the four people reviews it as good your review ratio for good will be more than the bad one. Having many reviews will protect you from the rare bad reviews, so asking your guests for the reviews will help you maintain a good online presence.
  3. Support your repeat guests: If your guest gets happy with your service they will surely visit you again. And if they do so it’s a great sign that your restaurant is on a high peak. If they loved your service they will surely drop a good review for your business.
  4. Make it easy to leave a review: Make it easy for your audience to leave a review on your restaurant. Use your own website for this or email service. Use platforms like twitter, facebook. Add links on your profile where people can leave reviews.
  5. Respond to online reviews: Whether the review is negative or positive its important to respond to it positively. Most of the guests check your online reviews before visiting to your restaurant. If the reviews are good and your restaurant has more than three stars then only they’ll be interested in visiting to your restaurant.

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