How to efficiently manage tables at your restaurant ?

How to efficiently manage tables at your restaurant ?

A good table management in a restaurant is really necessary. Managing tables at the restaurant is the best way to earn money. It is an important skill which every restaurant should apply if they really want to make some money.

The more turns you have the more guests you can serve at a time and earn more money. It also tells you about how are restaurant is growing. Table management keeps the customers happy and also save money.

So worry about how to efficiently manage tables at your restaurant ? Then this blog is all for you.

  • CHOOSE A GOOD POS SYSTEM : Running a restaurant is not everyone’s cup of tea. Right? So how to manage every single thing by yourself? There is a easy way which will also help you to increase sales and make more money. A pos system tracks everything including sales.
  • USE INSIGHTS TO DEVELOP AND MANAGE YOUR STAFF : It shows the insights for analyzed data of your restaurant business collected by the point of sales system. Also you can manage your staff and see where they are working and how you can maximize their impact.
  • CALCULATE YOUR TABLE TURNOVER RATE: Table turnover rates tells that how much time a customer is spending on the particular table.
  • DISTRIBUTE CUSTOMERS EVENLY: It’s a basic process that restaurants should plan the sitting order so that the waiting customers don’t get overwhelmed. Arrange your table in a systematic order so that every customer should get to sit.
  • MAKE YOUR TABLES WORK IN A SPACE: Take the size of tables in the account according to how big your space is and the type of the customers you do serve. If you host large groups daily then you should keep big tables and if you host couples of group of friends then you should keep small tables.
  • LISTEN TO YOUR CUSTOMERS: Reviews from customers help in improving and becoming better. Feedbacks and reviews tells what customers are expecting from your restaurant. Listen to your customers what they want and what they say about your restaurant.

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