How do restaurants make email work as a channel for getting more orders ?

How do restaurants make email work as a channel for getting more orders ?

Why should you go for an email marketing strategy?

Email marketing is a way what restaurants uses to tel the latest offers and discounts. It also makes it easier to drive brand awareness and to communicate. If done right email marketing can be a very successful strategy for restaurants. Benefits of running email campaigns :

  • LOW COST: The only cost you will need to incur is the cost of the tool.
  • TARGETED AUDIENCE: You can target better audience. Social media is a great way of attracting audience towards your restaurant.


  • Make menu changes: Make menu changes, like Mcdonalds has a special stay home menu.
  • Hygiene and safety measures employed: People want to know more about the practices you are employing at your restaurant to make food ordering a safe activity. For eg. KFCs 4X safety campaign. They promote contactless delivery and car delivery to ensure that people are aware of safety and hygiene measures.


  • Welcome email:  Welcome emails are a perfect opportunity to engage customers as their interest is at peak when they sign up.
  • Event based automated mails: Automated emails are the emails to your subscribers automatically from your email service provider based on schedule and triggers. A trigger can be a specific date, event or subscribers activity that tells your system to send out a related message.
  • Menu updates: If you have been working for months on crafting a menu and are about to launch it then email marketing is the best way to communicate to the customers. The subscriber receiving the menu update would feel like they are valued and they are a part of the launch. Thus it will bring them back to your restaurant and make the bond stronger.
  • Ask for review: There is a higher chance of someone giving genuine feedback if asked on mail. If they have a complaint its better if they share it on the feedback rather than any review site. And if they went happy and satisfied from your restaurant, you can use the collected feedback as a reference.
  • Increase your app downloads: Email marketing definitely enjoys higher engagement if you are trying to push app downloads for your café or restaurant. You can also use remarketing and creative campaigns to explain in detail how to use the app and how it can help you.

That is how restaurants make email work as a channel for getting more orders.

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