How to control food cost in restaurants and increase profitability ?

How to control food cost in restaurants and increase profitability ?

Sales figures are the only barometer of success of a restaurant. A low food cost will also have a major impact on restaurant. Monitor all the food related expenses in your restaurant only then you can try something to reduce or control the food cost.

You should know the quantity of outgoing and ingoing of the inventory in your restaurant. It wil prevent over stocking and over buying of goods.

Here are some ways you can control food cost to increase profitability.

  • Inventory management: Performing inventory checks regularly is an important task. It helps to know how much it is aving and how much profits its earning. It can also help you monitor production and usage data. A proper inventory management can reduce wastage of food also it helps in keeping the fresh stock.
  • Know your food costs: If you want to lower the food cost you need to know the cost of the ingredients coming to your restaurant. You should know the cost of each and every item in your restaurant. If you have tracked the cost of each and every ingredient in your restaurant, you can now calculate the food cost ofevery menu item. Calculating food costs helps in making a budget and also helps in bringing more savings.
  • Engineer and maximize your menu: Menu engeering is a tact of knowing the profits and popularity of the products on your menu. It increases the basic for your restaurant. With this method you can list the best dishes, Offers, discounts, Specials etc. This also lets you see which of the menu items is more profitable and which is less.
  • FIFO method: You know what does FIFO stands for? First In, First Out! It means First came stock should be used first and after come stock should be used afterwards. It basiaclly means that first come ingredients should be utilised first. It also prevents stock from spoiling.
  • Carry out daily featured products: Customers get really excited when they see something special in the menu. If any of your ingredient comes to an end try to add it in dishes making something unique and special. This will not only clear the stocks but will also add up some profits in your pocket.

These food cost control methods can help you increase profits in your restaurant.

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