A direct online food ordering system

A direct online food ordering system

A direct food ordering system can be the key which unlocks the potential for the restaurant. But how this can increase your profits for the restaurant.

What is a direct online food ordering system??

It is a system that lies on your website which lets the customers order takeout and direct delivery from you.  With this customers can see your interactive and attractive menu from the website and can give orders directly from there.

There are different aggregators for this like zomato and swiggy which helps in online food ordering. These aggregators are integrated with the website from which yiu can directly order your food.

How this can help in increasing profits?

A direct channel eliminates high commission fee

Restaurants pay upto 1/3rd of their profits to their aggregators on their every order. Maintaining the healthy P/L account can lead to drastic for a restaurant. And saving close upto 30% can also be a big game changer. With direct ordering system you can increase sales, save the commission, build loyalty with the customers.

Helps brand your restaurant uniquely  

It helps in branding your restaurant uniquely from others. Your website can help you show your brand in manner that third party aggregators can’t. With your website you can control rhe design, content and user journey of your customers. If it brands your uniquely there will be a great competiton in between the competitors.

Helps your customer discover you

It helps your customer discover you easily. It promotes your restaurant online so that customer will discover you easily. It joins your restaurant with online food ordering websites so if someone searches for your restaurant or food it shows up with your restaurant name.

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