Customer loyalty program for restaurant

Customer loyalty program for restaurant

A customer loyalty program is a marketing technique to recognize your customers who regulary engages with your restaurant and purchase. So it is a program which rewards them for being loyal to you.

Rewards include cashback points, coupons received on every purchase. Customer loyalty programs make customers feel special and rewarded. These small gestures in respect of your customers can bring a large footfall to your restaurant. These small things do make your customers happy and bring them back to your restaurant.

Also these loyalty programs can be said profit earning programs in other wordfs. Also they increases your target audience.

Why it is important ?  

It costs more time to bring new customers to your restaurant than to keep existing customers.  And also existing customers spend more than new customers. Now you know the importance of loyalty programs for your restaurant?

Also it helps you in many ways:

  • CUSTOMER REFERRALS: If your existing customers are happy wiith your service then its more likely that they become your advertisers too. People love to talk about their good experiences with people. If they loved your service they will surely share about their warm experience and love they felt in your restaurant with people.
  • COST EFFICIENCY: Keeping your customers happy and satisfied with your restaurant using customer loyalty programs will be more cost effective than adopting any other techniques to bring new customers.

Types of loyalty programs you can try:

  • REFER A FRIEND CASHBACK: Whenever your existing customers refers a friend or a famiy member to sign up or registeration, you can offer them cashback or some nice coupons. They will take it as some gestures in their respect. This will reward your new customers for referring and also this will bring new customers.
  • GET POINTS ON HIGH BILL AMOUNTS: Reward your customers some discount and offer points whenever they place a high bill amounts.
  • BIRTHDAY AND OCCASION DISCOUNTS: Offer your customers some birthday and occasion discounts. This can also make them happy and feel respected and important.

These are some ways you can make your customer feel happy and respected. These small gestures can bring them back again to your restaurant.

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