Complete Monitoring Services

Complete Monitoring Services

BTRESTRO provides you with complete monitoring on your data. Single dashboard with efficient and organized workflow. We assure you with complete monitoring on your organization with our single dashboard system. Single dashboard and many businesses. We keeps the track on your data with our single monitoring system.


  • It helps in saving time and minimize the disruptions.
  • Prevents losses and downtime of business.
  • It lets users prepare plan and budget for IT upgrades knowing how a system interacts with each other.
  • Helps in detecting the problems early which helps in preventing mistakes and increase productivity as well as efficiency.
  • Enables the data insights and reports to make decisions better.


  • Monitoring: Multi device monitoring, remote monitoring, multiple server monitoring, notifications and alerts.
  • Reporting: Data visualization, custom reports, performance data reports and risk analysis.
  • Security: Administrative access control, antivirus and malware management, data backup and recovery.
  • Management: Software/hardware inventory, Service management, policy based automation.

In BTRESTRO we provide you with full complete monitoring services. We assure you to provide you with best services.

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