BTRESTRO-One step solution for the hotel and management services

BTRESTRO-One step solution for the hotel and management services

BTRESTRO is the one stop solution for the hotel and management services. We are into your service from anywhere anytime.  We are here managing for the better life with our various services listed below:

  1. Operation types:
  • Dine-in: Providing you the service where you can just sit, relax and eat.
  • Drive Thru: You can now buy your favorites and eat without getting out of your cars.
  • Take Away: Now enjoy your food wherever you want with our take away service.
  • Hotel room service: providing you with the best room services.
  • Hotel management: Join us to get the best hotel management services with modernities.
  1. Menu and item modifier:
  • Real time menu management: here in your service to help you develop or update the recipes with nutritional data on food ingredients.
  • Real time price management: We will also provide you with menu pricing service.
  • Real time tax rates management: We provides you the service where you will get the solutions to manage the tax rates.
  • Real time offer management: Right offers for the right customers at the right time.
  1. Branding and promotion:
  • Slider management: We will provide and manage the service of sliders for you.
  • Promotional messages: We will manage promoting messages for your business.
  • Event advertisements through Whatsapp/SMS: we will provide you with SMS facility for the advertisements relating to business.
  1. Reception management:
  • Table management: We will provide table management services for you.
  • Waiting time: We will manage your table waiting list.
  • Live table status: We will manage your live table status.
  • Invoice management: Our service will provide invoice management system to make your digital work easy.
  • Sale view: We are open to manage your whole data of sales.
  1. Advance reporting:
  • Real-Time 360 degree view of Business to super admin: We will look at your business by every direction and will provide you with regular reporting facilities.
  • Daily, Monthly and Yearly Business reports: We will manage your business reports and updates you regularly.
  • Trends and graphs representation for better & Broad understanding: We will provide you with graph services for better understanding.
  1. Kitchen Management:
  • Tab/Mobile friendly Application: Our application is both mobile, tab and computer friendly so that you can use it anywhere anytime.
  • Real-Time order status: We will provide you with live order reports.
  1. CRM & Loyalty Program:
  • Anniversary/Birthday Reminders: We will manage and provide you with the facility of birthdays and anniversary messages for your customers.
  • Occasion specific Offers : We will organize the special offers for different occasions for your business.
  • Membership Cards : We will provide membership card services for your business.
  • Service Feedback: Facility of feedback is also available.
  • Optional Google ratings: Facility of Google ratings will also be available for you.
  1. Order Management:
  • Raw to finish feature: We will also manage your raw material and give you updates about your stock.
  • Low stock alert: We will notify you for the stock updates.
  • Real-time inventory view: We will take view of your inventory or stock with our systems
  • Auto Stock Updates After Consumption: We will update you that your stock is consumed and need to refresh it.
  1. Online Aggregators:
  • Swiggy, Zomato Integrated: We are integrated with online food services swiggy and Zomato.
  • View Orders From Multiple Sources On single Screen: We provide you the facility of viewing your orders from multiple sources on a single screen.

WHY US?                                                 

  • Reduced administration cost: It takes less administrative cost with us.
  • 24*7 Support: We are in your service anytime everytime.
  • Multiple Logins: accessibility to super admin, admin, chef , receptionist and waiter.
  • Organized Operations: All the operations in our service are organised and well maintained.
  • Cost effective solutions : We will provide you with cost effective solutions.
  • Accurate stock control: We will keep track on your stock.
  • Loyalty Program: We are loyal with our customers and services we provide to them.
  • Software customization & Flexibility: We are up to date with our softwares.
  • Data availability : We have all data available in our softwares.
  • AI Enabled System: We have Artificial intelligence enabled systems which will provide you with latest technologies for management.


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