AI enabled system-BTRESTRO

AI enabled system-BTRESTRO

What are AI enabled system?

Artificial intelligence enabled system are software based system which provides you wide range of computer science which builds smart machines which are capable of performing tasks that includes human intelligence. Some examples of artificial intelligence includes:

  • Siri, alexa and other smart assistants.
  • Self driving cars, Eg. Tesla.
  • Robo-advisors
  • Conversational Bots
  • Email spam folders
  • Netflix’s recommendations

Types of artificial intelligence

  • REACTIVE MACHINES: These type of machines are the most basic type of Artificial Intelligence. They do not store past experiences or future actions, they only focus on the present scenerios and react accordingly. Google alphaGo is an example of reactive machines.
  • LIMITED MEMORY: They can store past experiences or some data for a short period of time also they can use this data only for a limited period of time only.
  • THEORY OF MIND: These type of machine understands the human emotions, people, beliefs and be able to interact socially like humans. These type of machines are not yet developed but our scientists are making a lot of efforts in developing such type of AI machines.
  • SELF-AWARENESS: They are the future of the Artificial Intelligence. These type of machines will be super intelligent and will have their own consciousness, sentiments and self-awarenes. These machines will be smarter than human minds. These do not exist in reality still.

These type of machines are the future of technology. BTRESTRO provides you this technology. We work on AI enabled systems which provides you with latest features to work smooth and fast.

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