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Cloud-Based Software for Restaurant POS

Introducing BTRESTRO - our cloud-based software solution designed for restaurants to simplify their point of sale system. Our user-friendly dashboard allows owners to monitor real-time sales, analyze performance, and manage menu items with ease.

Compatible with Clover, our software integrates seamlessly with leading point-of-sale systems, ensuring a smooth transition for restaurant servers. Accessible over the internet, BTRESTRO allows owners to securely access their data from anywhere at any time. Streamline your restaurant operations and take your business to the next level with BTRESTRO.

Benefits of our restaurant management software

foremost service from BTRESTRO to drive restaurant success

Increased efficiency

Improved order management

Simplified payment processing

Enhanced customer experience

Real-time reporting and analytics

Improved inventory management

Improved table management

Better kitchen management

Increased security

Whether you're running a small cafe or a large restaurant, the best restaurant management software for restaurant pos can help you take your business to the next level.

Features of our restaurant system management

We are dedicated to providing the help needed for restaurant owners to succeed in the cutthroat restaurant business

Order Management

QR Based on Ordering

Contactless Menu

Real-Time Order Status

Online Aggregators

Swiggy & Zomato Integrated

View Orders From Multiple Sources On Single Screen

Reception Management

Table Management

Waiting Time

Live Table Status

Invoice Management

Sale View

Menu & Item Modifier

Real-Time Menu Management

Real-Time Tax Rates Management & Real-Time Offer Management

Advance Reporting

Real-Time 360o View Of Business To Super Admin

Daily, Monthly, And Yearly Business Reports

Trends And Graphs Representation for Better & Broad Understanding

Branding & Promotion

Slider Management

Promotional Messages

and Event Advertisements Through Whatsapp/SMS

Kitchen Management

Tab/Mobile Friendly Application

Real-Time Order Status

CRM & Loyalty Program

Anniversary /Birthday Reminders

Occasion Specific Offers

Membership Cards

Service Feedback

Optional Google Ratings

Inventory Management

Raw Finish Feature, Low Stock Alert

Real-Time Inventory View

Auto Stock Updates After Consumption

Contact us today to learn more about our restaurant management software & how it can benefit your business!

Why choose our software for restaurant management

Any restaurant wishing to modernize its operations and boost its productivity should use BTRESTRO. Our software for restaurant management assists you in growing your restaurant by providing several valuable functions, including order administration, inventory tracking, table management, real-time reporting, analytics, and the main features.

Its features include QR code & online ordering, table-side ordering, and menu management, improving the overall guest experience and helping customers make an informed decision. No matter how big or small your restaurant or café is, BTRESTRO can help you run it more efficiently, cut down on mistakes & enhance the customer experience.

Thanks to our user-friendly design and committed customer support team, BTRESTRO makes bookings easy and hassle-free. Why wait then? To experience the difference in your business, try BTRESTRO today!

What Our Clients Say About Us

BTRESTRO is very simple and easy. I can manage all the staff of different branches in one dashboard. I don't need to go restaurant every day.

Glutton Monkey

Glutton Monkey

I have been using BTRESTRO software since last year. I can track purchase reports, sales reports, and other operations in just one click.

Destination Cafe

Destination Cafe

BTRESTRO has a user-friendly interface with a user-friendly screen. It hardly requires teaching. I can easily manage my restaurant, even on the go with my iPads. It has been customised according to my need.

Grand Indiana

Grand Indiana

Honestly, I am happy with BTRESTRO, one of the best restaurant management systems. After using it for two months, I need one update in the software. I contacted them. They were interactive and helpful. They provided me with the update in just 15 days. I love their customer service.

Food Garage

Food Garage

Frequently Asked Questions

Restaurant POS software is used in the restaurant business to manage orders, payments, and inventory. It typically includes features such as tableside ordering, real-time reporting, and functionality for online orders.

A mobile POS system typically runs on a tablet or smartphone and enables restaurant staff to take orders and process payments from anywhere in the restaurant or food truck. These systems typically use an internet connection and can include features like tableside ordering and real-time reporting.

Software for Restaurant POS can improve customer satisfaction by increasing the speed and accuracy of order processing and reducing wait times. It can also enable features like online ordering & tableside ordering to enhance the customer experience.

Some factors to consider when choosing software for restaurant pos include ease of use, functionality, customer service, monthly subscription costs, and the bottom line cost of the software. Other considerations may include the usability of the software for restaurant system management, theft protection features, and compatibility with printers or email systems.

Restaurant software management can help business owners by increasing productivity, boosting client satisfaction, cutting expenses, facilitating better decision-making, and enhancing security. Operations may be made more efficient, real-time data and analytics can be provided, and the danger of fraud and theft can be decreased.

Here are some steps you can follow to install software for restaurant pos:
Assess your needs: First, think about what features you need in a POS system.

Choose the right POS system: Look for a system designed for restaurants with features like menu management, table management & inventory tracking.

Set up the hardware: Once you have chosen your POS system, you will require to set up the hardware. This typically includes a touchscreen monitor, a receipt printer, and a cash drawer.

Train your staff: Finally, make sure to train your staff on how to use the POS system.

Following these steps, you can install a POS system in your restaurant & enjoy the benefits of streamlined operations and improved customer service.


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